20 Hours of Marketing Services


Our marketing retainer is an agreement between your business and ours that allows you to request new designs, web task, and/or email support when needed and receive them in a timely manner. A retainer fee works like a monthly fee, but since its purpose is to retain the designer, it is paid up front before any work is ordered.

  • Web Maintenance (Plugin & Theme Updates)
  • Monthly Email Support


We are your one stop shop for your marketing needs. Leave the strategy and operational issues like marketing and brand awareness to NGMG. We think ahead on solutions that will only work for your company in the long run.

Our packages are tailored for small to medium size businesses that want to create and/or enhance their presence on the web and social media but don’t have the time to do it and don’t want to spend a fortune to get same results.

NGMG Marketing strategy target your customers audiences, improve sales process, and help achieve your business goals.

What do you get?

  • 20 Hours @$45 per hour = $900 (additional hours @$25 per hour).
  • Marketing, PR and Social Media Campaigns.
  • Graphic Design Services – full service graphics and design. Printing and Shipping no included.
  • Website tasks: New pages, updates, graphics, re-occurring updates, event images upload, blog updates. *New website design or redesign not included.
  • 22 Social Media Site Posts/Month.
  • 5 Custom Images/Month.
  • 2 Ad Campaigns, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a Partner Network Ad @$200 for 4 Ads
  • 1 Blog Partner Publication Spotlight Page.
  • Business Profile page syndication on partner sites.
  • Business features on partner mobile apps.
  • Discounted design, print & service rates.
  • 2 to 3 business day turnaround for routine tasks.

Leftovers? Overages?

Leftovers – Plans are flexible and unused hours will rollover into the following month. Rollover hours expire at the end of the second month, and unused hours are forfeited in the last month of the agreement. Hours in excess of the monthly agreement are billed at the retainer rate.

Overages – If you have a 4 hour retainer, but you need 6 hours worth of work in a given month, we bill you the additional 2 hours at $25 a hour.

Subscription Terms & Conditions

Your monthly Retainer subscription will start when your payment is made and will continue for a period of thirty days. Auto-renew is automatically enrolled when signing up.

As services are used, time is deducted from the pre-paid retainer. All work performed is itemized after each task is completed to show usage

Subscriptions pre-paid retainer are not refundable.

Package includes DESIGN only.

If you require tasks to be completed urgently, sooner than 3 days, You will be billed an “rush fee of $65 per hour”


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